Camping on Isla Lobos

On the weekends* we take on a 2, 3 or even 4 day full diving adventure, camping on the island. So, if you are the kind who enjoys a couple of nights of isolation from civilization, stargazing into the full universe and falling asleep to the gentle sweep of the lighthouse beam, we confidently recommend this diving trip modality, for it is the best way to explore the island and its reefs.

Camping on the Island is a marvelous experience !! Being so close to the dive sites gives more time for resting and having fun with friends and family, the crystal clear waters surrounding the island are protected by the reef barriers and provide a safe environment for refreshing swims, sunbathing, snorkeling, crab chasing, opening coconuts and discovering the wildlife that you will share a home with.

Remember to bring your cameras to capture the mind blowing sunsets and the imponent lighthouse rising above the coconut and palm trees, make a time lapse sequence of the slow paced hermit crabs as they make their way across the beaches, or record the first oceanic experiences of your kids.

One morning Dive to set the vibe in, an afternoon dive to settle lunch in your stomach, and since you will surely be wanting more, we offer night dives for the thrilling darkness of the unknown.**
You probably associate camping with canned foods and warm beverages… But don’t worry, we offer cold drinks, a tasty morning breakfast, a full warm lunch and a light dinner so you can replenish your energy reserves that you need to enjoy a full on diving adventure day***

* Pre-established Dates, subject to availability. Reservations are Indispensable                          ** Night Dives have an additional cost
*** Meals are priced separately