Dive Courses

It can be really difficult to explain to somebody that has never dived, what it feels to breathe underwater, the comfort, the pleasure and the excitement a SCUBA diver feels when exploring the subaquatic wonders of the planet.

Perhaps, the only way to transmit these feelings, is to take that person out to sea, because not even the best photos, videos or vivid description can even come close to the reality of the underwater experience of diving on compressed air. The best way to go diving is by following the rules of thumb of safety, which are best transmitted trough a well structured Course. The only problem is, that once you have been to the bottom of the sea, you will never want to leave it again, or in words of the father of SCUBA Diving, Jaques Cousteau: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”

Here  in Puerto Lobos, we are certified to give basic diving courses, as well as more advanced speciality courses such as deep diving, night diving, wreck diving, nitrox, first aid and even instructor’s courses. All trough the international standards of Scuba Schools International, one of the leading agencies in the creation and implementation of complete educative diving systems.

Come and take a course with us in Puerto Lobos, it’s easy, safe and FUN !!