¿How do i get to Tamiahua by Bus?

To get here by bus: There are one or two direct bus rides departing every night from Mexico Citiy Northern Bus Terminal, they depart at 22:10 and 24:00. Arriving into town at 4:30 and 6:00 respectively. The line providing the service is called Omnibus de México, and they offer additional services on holidays, check and buy tickets online at http://www.odm.com.mx  We recommend to contact a taxi service in Tamiahua a day prior to your arival, so they can pick you up at the terminal.

An alternative option is the ADO line, from the same terminal, going towards Tuxpan and fare a taxi cab to tamiahua for a shorter and more comfy ride, their fees range from $200 to $250 Pesos and shouldnt take more than 50 minutes to arrive. The advantage is that ADO http://www.ado.com.mx offers more schedulled bus departures.

Taxi cab drivers in Tamiahua: Pepe 045 768 101 3200, Julio Cesar 045 768 1038053. This service is not our responsibility, at this moment the phone numbers are working, if they don’t work anymore, please let us know.

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¿What does the Diving Service Include?

It includes transportation in a diving equipped boat (VHF Radio, GPS, Insurance, CONANP permissions, shade, four-stroke engines) 2 tanks per day, dive Guides, tanks, weights, snacks and cold drinks, but most importantly, attention from the most experienced crew around the zone.

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¿Can I rent Gear and Equipment in Puerto Lobos?

Sure you can ! However the stock on some pieces can be limited, so we advice you to confirm with anticipation so we can put aside the size you will require. You can also buy best brand gear from our store. Rental available equipment:
BC vests, regulators (first and second stage, octopus and console) masks and snorkel, fins, wetsuits, dive lights, and marker lights. Weight belts and weights are included.

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¿What is the itinerary you follow on a diving tour day?

This is the approximate typical schedule, subject to weather conditions, diving times and unaccounted for events:

Day Diving Tour:
7:00 am Breakfast (In case its included in the service package you requested)

8:00 am Departure from Puerto Lobos

10:00 am First Dive
11:00 am Snack Time !!

12:00 am Second Dive

14:00 pm Return to Puerto Lobos

15:30 pm Arrival to Puerto Lobos

16:00 pm Lunch (In case its included in the service package you requested)

Camping on Isla Lobos Service:

7:00 am Breakfast (In case its included in the service package you requested)

8:00 am Departure from Puerto Lobos towards the island

9:30 am Arrival to the island and camp set up

11:30 am Appointment on the pier to get ready for first dive

02:30 pm Second Dive

04:00 pm Lunch and free time

06:30 pm Night Dive appointment (In case its included in the service package you requested)

08:30 pm Dinner

07:00 am Camp striking, pack up your stuff

08:00 am Breakfast

09:00 am First dive appointment at the pier

11:30 am Second Dive

01:30 pm Return to Puerto Lobos

03:00 pm Lunch (In case its included in the service package you requested)

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¿What do I need to hire a diving service package in Puerto Lobos?

You have to be SCUBA certified by an international diving agency (such as, PADI, SSI, NAUI) In case you are not certified, please contact us about our beginner dive courses.

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¿How do i fly to Tamiahua?

You can fly to Tampico, Tamaulipas and fare a cab, it takes about 1:40 minutes

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¿How is the diving in Isla Lobos?

There are plenty of options available, wether you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro diver, there different reef sites all around the island. There are also two wrecks, of which one implicates deep and current diving plan, fluctuating between 10m/30 ft and 39m/130 ft. In case there is a strong current, we make drift dive plans, in which the boat constantly follows the diver’s bubbles.
One of the best diving sites is the abandoned oil platform “Plataforma Tiburón” Located 3 miles out from the island. However, for safety reasons, diving the platform is subject to weather conditions, such as wind, waves and currents. This dive is for advanced and experienced divers, for it requires appropriate technique, navigation skills and a good air consumption rate. In case the conditions are very good and the guide considers its safe, it will be possible to take less experienced divers with decent diving skills. This dive ought to be in group and with a buddy at all times, there is no solo diving, or decompression diving, unless it is for training in a formal  technical diving course.

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¿What is the best season to visit?

The season starts in April and it ends in September, however, February and march is when the most fauna is visible, although the water can be somewhat cold and visibility is not at it’s best. The big schools of tarpon come in February and they start leaving in may. July and August are the calm sea months and they bring the most rain.

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¿Where Can I park my Car ?

All vehicles can be left for safekeeping in our closed parking lot.

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¿What time do i have to arrive at Puerto Lobos for departure ?

In case you purchased a meals included service, you have to be here at 7:00 am, on the contrary, 7:30 is the time to be here so you can check in and prepare your gear.  Boats part at 8:00 am sharp.

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Can I fish in Lobos Island?

There is a no-take radius around the island of 3 miles, where the natural protected zone limits are.

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