A Marvelous Experience

Diving and Snorkeling

Every day* at 7 am, breakfast is served to begin a new dive or snorkel adventure on the Isla Lobos or Tuxpan reefs, we embark at 8:30 am heading to Isla Lobos or some of the wonderful diving sites, like the Plataforma Tiburon or Tangüijo Reef.
After to dives, we return to Tamiahua at 15:00, where a delicious meal** will be awaiting while our scuba equipment is drying.
Our dive package includes: 2 tanks, ballast, drinks and snacks.
Our Snorkel package or promenade includes: snacks and drinks. It doesn´t include equipment, but it´s available for rent with us. We have special rates from Monday to Wednesdays.

*subject to weather conditions. A minimum of 5 participants is required.
**foods available only with previous reservation.

Diving camp at Isla Lobos

On weekends* we embark on a new adventure of two, three or four days diving and camping on Isla Lobos Veracruz, so, if you enjoy the sensation of being in a place isolated from civilization, contemplating the stars before you go to sleep, we strongly suggest this modality, as it is the best way to enjoy the beautiful island and its dive sites. Camping in Isla Lobos is a gorgeous experience, the proximity to the dive spots gives us the opportunity of having more leisure time to rest or live more with friends. The waters surrounding the island are perfect to snorkeling or only refreshing while you observe magnificent sunsets. A dive by the morning, another one in the afternoon and, as you surely would like more you could also do a night dive**. A tasty breakfast in the morning, a delicious hot meal in the afternoon, and a light snack before going to bed at night will provide us with the energy needed to live and enjoy the most this unique diving adventure.***
* Established dates are subject to availability. Advance reservation is required.
** Night Dive with an additional cost.
*** Foods are not includes in tour packages, they´ll be quoted separated.


Diving Sites