Boat Tour by the Lagoon

Sail through the Tamiahua lagoon and see the beauty of its mangroves, the tranquility of its waters and discover why Tamiahua is of vital importance to sea turtles and fish.

All these wonders include the third largest coastal lagoon in Mexico in the List of Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar sites) and you will have the possibility to dive into its nature from a comfortable and safe boat.

Know and be part of the preservation of the planet!

Price: $ 450 pesos per person.
Approximate duration: 3 hours.
Minimum of Assistants: 3.


Boat ride and Kayac by the Mangrove

Come by the narrowest estuaries of the lagoon and have fun sailing from a kayak so you can closely watch the fauna that lives among the roots of the mangrove. Occasionally you can meet oyster or crab fishermen who will tell you about their daily activities and the importance of fishing in Tamiahua.

Price: $ 700 pesos per person.
Approximate duration: 3.5 hours.
Minimum of attendees 3 and maximum 10.


Shrimp Fishing at Sunset

When the sun goes down, it is the best time to catch shrimp in the lagoon. A fisherman from the region will take you to a charanga and will teach you the art of shrimp fishing, explain what are the optimal environmental conditions for fishing and how to make this experience a sustainable and responsible practice.

Be a fisherman for an afternoon! Learn this completely handmade activity, enjoy a typical lunch and learn more about the life of the fishermen and the effort behind shrimp fishing.

Price: $ 700 pesos per person.
Approximate duration: 3 hours.
Minimum of attendees 4 and maximum 6.